Biezen 122
2771 CP Boskoop The Netherlands
Tel: 0031-172212369
Fax: 0031-172214031

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Wm.J.Hooftman Export Nurseries was founded in 1938 by William J. Hooftman Sr. who took over from his father the firm of
P.J.C.Oosthoek & Co., established in 1908.
The fourth generation ( Willem Jan Hooftman )now runs the family business as a modern enterprise.
The total size of our nursery in Boskoop is around 2.5 Ha.
Our main business is growing, trading and exporting of
Hardy Nursery Stock. We emphasize on ornamental trees and shrubs
for the Garden Centre trade and landscape industry.
Our range includes valuable types of ornamentals, such as Acer, Magnolia, Hamamelis, Viburnum, Rhododendron, and a range of small ornamental trees, like Betula, Laburnum, Malus, and Sorbus. Besides those we also grow some other lines, like Osmanthus, Ilex, Mahonia, Exochorda, Cornus, plus a limited range of Conifers.
We maintain a regular contact with our customers in the UK and Ireland by visiting them two or three times a year.
We also invite customers to visit us in Holland and channel their requirements from fairs and auctions through us.
We can offer a very wide range of Hardy Nursery Stock to our customers, and this is due to the fact that we include many items in our catalogue or stock-lists that we do not necessarily grow ourselves. A close co-operation with colleagues and growers in the area and further afield enables us to do this. A mixed garden centre order could also include, besides ornamental trees and shrubs, items like Hedging plants, Roses, heavier standard Trees, ground cover plants, Conifers, Herbaceous perennials, etc.

The typical soil conditions have meant that there is a long-standing history of tree growing in this area. There is a mix of black peat and other humus-like components, little sand and clay particles, a steady and fairly high water table and an ideal acidity (pH ranging between 4.3 and 4.9). These factors create a perfect growing area, with (mostly) moderate winter temperatures and humid summers, and regular rainfall throughout the year. Ericaceous plants find ideal growing conditions here. Rhododendrons and Azalea's have long dominated the scene besides other members of that plant-family, like Pieris, Pernettya, heathers, etc. The soil is, however, also very well-suited for growing a wide variety of ornamental trees and shrubs. The fine and moist structure ensures a rapid and
easy establishing of young plants (liners) once planted to grow out to their saleable sizes.

Nowadays garden centres though require plants in pots and container and for that matter we can offer
most plant-material grown in pots or containerized (freshly potted).

Our Speciality
A tree that has long been of special interest to growers and consumers alike is the Japanese
Maple (varieties and cultivars of Acer palmatum, Acer japonicum and Acer shirasawanum).
Many types, forms and varieties have been cultivated here in Holland as well as in other major
nurseries all over Europe and the U.SA. The big majority of these cultivars have originated from
and have been named in Japanese Nurseries for centuries.